mardi 12 février 2013

Last Day in the Forge de Caractere

I had my last day in the forge just a few days ago.  There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground and a familiar face (at least to Vinh) had returned to form a partnership that will be sure to turn out some work like no other.  I had a great two weeks and learned a lot about the art and craft of the blacksmith.  Much more goes into that work than I ever thought.  I will never look at knives or tools the same.

Leaving my tracks behind

We stuck Vinh in the back of Kromagnon's car with all his gear that he brought with him.  Many good things in this car.

Kromagnon getting back into the swing of things.

A Vin-Kin for a customer.

Thats right, three hammers at once.

A tool for the garden

A toast to the forge and our last day together.

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